Why Choose Projector Dudes?

Trusted Expert Advice

Trust. Expertise. Helpful Customer Service.

We are experts in the field of projectors and projecting technology, with over 16 years in projector experience, and we can help you choose the best projector for your use.

Our office and warehouse is over 3,000 sq. ft. to ensure high in-stock rates and fast shipping.

ProjectorDudes.com's own in-house Vibrant brand of projectors are $100 to $1,500 dollars LESS than other comparable brands for the same technical specifications, because we source directly from the factory. Other online stores have to go through the manufacturer brand and also the distributor, adding 2 extra layers of unnecessary costs to the price of projectors.

Projector Dudes exemplifies all these traits because we want you, the customer, to be happy with your purchase.

All our of projectors have a 30-day money back guarantee, warranty, free technical support, and everyday free shipping.

We ship within 1 business day and have everyday free shipping, so you know you are saving money by coming to Projector Dudes.

If you are unsure of what you need, please simply call us toll-free at


Monday to Friday 8AM to 4PM Pacific Time.

Our customer service members are non-commissioned (no pressure), are projector experts (and own projectors themselves), and help you with any questions you may have.

We understand many customers have different needs and different knowledge levels, so there are no irrelevant questions.

Why Shop with ProjectorDudes.com?
Our Competition ProjectorDudes.com

Most, if not all other websites are resellers. They resell other brands of projectors, so they add two extra layers of costs to their prices.

Here is an example: Factories sell to manufacturers who sell to distributors who sell to online stores (websites) who sell to consumers. That's 4 different layers that increase their prices.

ProjectorDudes.com is NOT a reseller.

ProjectorDudes.com's own in-house Vibrant brand of projectors are $100 to $1,500 LESS than other comparable brands for the same technical specifications.

We have our own dedicated factory who produce the Vibrant brand of projectors. We pass on the savings onto you.


Usually, no free shipping option OR a minimum purchase required to get free shipping.

Free shipping for every single item on our website. No minimum requirement.
Technical Support

Little or no technical support (or you are told by the resellers to phone the manufacturers directly).

Free Technical support, provided by us, via toll-free phone support 1-888-922-2234 or via email, every weekday.

Usually 1-year warranty on the projector ONLY.

Full 1-year warranties on both the projector AND the projector bulb.
Customer Service

Usually not knowledgeable staff and/or you have to wait a long-time to get through to talk to someone to get assistance.

Friendly and knowledgeable DUDES! Get answers FAST! During normal business hours, we answer right-away or within a minute.

Most, if not all other projector brands and models use halogen bulb technology.

ProjectorDudes.com's projectors are LED projectors and last at least 5 times longer.
Free Accessories

Most, if not all other projectors come with the minimum number of accessories like the power cord only. You will have to buy your own cables.

In addition to the power cord, remote controller, etc., all of our projector models also include a free HDMI Cable and a free VGA cable.

Also, most of our projector models also include a free ceiling mount (value of $69 - here-)